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Things to Know About Belgium Diamonds BVBA

Belgium Diamonds is based in the diamond district of Antwerp Belgium. Our office is at the following address:

Belgium Diamonds BVBA

Hoveniersstraat 2, ADC Building B-2018

Antwerp, BELGIUM

Belgium Diamonds is a registered company in the country of Belgium

VAT number Be.0809.582.883

Belgium Diamonds is a registered member of the Antwerp World Diamond Center

Registration number: 10522

Belgium Diamonds is a member of the antwerp diamond circle ‘antwerpse diamantkring'(ADC), one of the 3 Belgium federated diamond exchanges (BFDB).

Belgium Diamonds Staff includes gemologists certified from the Diamond High Council Institute of Gemmology. All diamonds are inspected by our gemologists before shipment. All our diamonds are guarantee “conflict free diamonds”.

Most diamonds are laser inscribed and sealed with the certificate grading reports’ number on the girdle of a diamond.

Our Bank is prominent for serving many of the areas diamond businesses.
Mechelse Steenweg 142

2018 Antwerp Belgium


Belgium Diamonds BVBA

IBAN: BE88 737036481541


If you require more information about our company, dont hesitate to ask by email, phone, chat or video call and become better acquainted with Belgium Diamonds and its services.

Belgium Diamonds

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