Over 90% of all gem diamonds have a basically yellowish color. The intensity can vary from nearly colorless, which is preferable, to decidedly yellow. The value of a white stone is higher than that of a yellowish stone. However, diamonds can also have a distinct orange, brown, pink, green or blue color. These color diamonds can be extremely valuable.

The color grade describes the color tones in a stone. D is perfectly colorless, which is rare and expensive. The color scale goes from D to Z and indicates yellow and brown tones. It takes a trained eye to distinguish between shades that are close together, but an untrained eye see the difference between shades that are several tones apart with a little practice.

           Colorless – Highest color grade your diamond can achieve. This color emits unequaled brilliance, and is extremely rare.

E             Colorless – Only extremely small traces of color can be identified by an expert gemologist. Also extremely rare.

           Colorless – Slight color detected by an expert gemologist, but still considered a “colorless” grade. A high-quality diamond.

G             Near Colorless – Noticeable color only when compared to higher color grades. Excellent value, as it appears colorless to the untrained eye.

H             White color. virtually colorless also an excellent value.

I               Slightly detectable color.

J              Slightly tinted white.

K             Tinted White.

L              Tinted White.

M             Tinted White.

N-Z          Tinted – Not offered at

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