• Know your Budget – The price of a diamond can range from low hundreds to millions so it is important to define your budget. We at Belgium Diamonds will help you to stay within your budget while matching your diamond purchase criteria.
  • Do some research – Read up and understand the basics of the 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat. Remember, The experts at Belgium Diamonds are at your disposal for questions and queries.
  • Certification – Diamonds from Belgium Diamonds are always certified by one of the world’s three most prominent diamond grading organizations GIA, HRD and IGI. Beware of other certificates even if issued by distinguished retailers.
  • Buy Value – Belgium Diamonds offers the same if not better diamonds than renowned retail shops but at up to 70% less. The value of the diamond you purchase depends on its features as indicated in the certificate and not by the box or shop decor.
  • Smart Purchasing – Diamonds prices are not linear and jump at certain sizes such as 0.5 ct, one ct, 2 ct marks. Purchasing diamonds just under these these weights can significantly reduce your costs.
  • Check If It’s Real – Make sure your diamond comes with a certificate (GIA HRD or IGI) and is laser inscribed with the report number.
  • Check If It Is Conflict Free – As board members of the world’s leading diamond bourse, Belgium Diamond can trace every diamond it sells from the mine to the jewel.

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